A total of 640 wounded were rescued and treated in the explosion in Yancheng, Jiangsu, and the person in charge was controlled by the police

Pogba responds to criticism: They make money by talking and I fight for my team

Tens of thousands of fruit fans complained through the official microblog, and Apple's after-sales service was questionedJay Chou took a group photo with his son and daughterOne hundred years ago, China also had a group of post-90sSouth Korean Yu announced that he received a donation of 129 million yuan and asked Cai Zhengyuan to apologize

Chen Weilin: Post-80s village doctors stick to She Township for 19 years

The same vitality makeup as the super sweet school dramaWang Jianlin announced that Wanda will return to the football circle and revitalize Chinese football based on youth trainingA group of stocks lost all their profits in the first quarter of last year, and many doubled stocks are listedKashuai announces his resignation as national football coach

Italy returns 796 pieces of China's lost overseas cultural relics for the first time

A secret recipe to prevent hair grayingPeking University's bully life counterattack method made publicThe granddaughter of the fifth generation of Cixi was exposed, and she saw "Cixi" again after a hundred years. Netizens: They look so similarVideo-Messi's substitute meritorious service, Barcelona defended La Liga three rounds ahead of schedule

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