Aerial photography of tea gardens in Shaoguan, tea farmers are busy picking tea in spring

Hundreds of millions of votes were counted by hand. Over 270 people died from overwork and 2,000 fell ill in the Indonesian general election

A real "Black Widow"? Russia's "most beautiful female soldier" released: blond hair and waist, accurate marksmanshipDodgers vs. Giants will be broadcast live on MLB at 9:45 on the 30thThe fifth set of RMB will be issuedPhysics teacher makes popular science videos with over 10 million followers

Unsheathed: What are the bright ships of small countries in the 70th anniversary of our navy?

The absence of leaders from Western countries affects the holding of the Belt and Road Forum? Foreign Ministry refutes[17:30 Live] KPL Spring Competition: GK VS WEJapanese media: Huawei is catching up with Qualcomm in the field of mobile phone chipsThe longest 10 consecutive holidays in Japanese history, 60% of the people will stay at home

British Prime Minister: Reshape the British dream and promise to ensure social justice in the future

The market is about to enter the short-term stabilization zoneStreet photo Audi new Q7:Q8 with the same octagonal grilleChinese navy and Southeast Asian countries conduct joint military exercise in QingdaoHappy Twist New Director Film

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