In the South China Sea, a full-scale military operation was performed, and a Vietnamese coast guard ship rammed into an Indonesian warship at high speed, and the two sides launched a boarding battle

The goddess of Harvard throws away inefficient efforts like this

The best friend moved abroad to buy a villa with a 180° invincible view in the living roomChinese technology company IPO carnival no longer, Silicon Valley takes center stageGreenland teamed up with 3 overseas developers to open hotels in Thailand, the UK and other places"The next Shenzhen"? Chinese buyers snap up Phnom Penh real estate

China Wild Bird Photography Code of Conduct Initiative

Russia's "Varyag" arrives in Qingdao and will participate in military exercisesHow are Israeli female soldiers with good looks and combat effectiveness trained?Japan's most beautiful college students revealedOther people's sixteen years old can actually be like this...

Li Yanan succeeded in losing weight after giving birth, showing off his perfect figure in photos

50% of women think marriage is not necessaryTest drive Honda Odyssey Sharp · HybridSri Lanka's cabinet shakes up, police chief forced to leave post after refusing to resignJia Nailiang, Wang Yuan, and Yang Chaoyue went to the park together, revealing half of their faces, and they had a tacit understanding with each other

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